Monday, November 1, 2010

Nahid Arjouni


Mummy of Hatshepsut, identified June 27, 2007, more than a century after its discovery.

ناهید عرجونی

ه(اثر برگزیده نهایی شعر جایزه ادبی ایران)ه

ما با روايت مردان غايب بزرگ می شويم
مردان غايب كه دوست مان دارند
مردان غايب كه ترك مان نمی كنند
مردان غايب كه برای مان دست تكان می دهند
ما در روايت مردان غايب پير می شويم
مردان غايب كم رنگ می شوند
مردان غايب محو می شوند
مردان غايب مرگ می شوند
ما به روايت مردان غايب
مرده ایم.ه


cihat aşkın ~ selanik türküsü

cihat aşkın is born in istanbul, started his violin lessons at the age of 11 with prof. ayhan turan, at the turkish music state conservatory of istanbul technical university, graduating in 1989. he completed his studies in london, studying under rodney friend at the royal college of music (where he took all the major solo and chamber music awards), and yfrah neaman at city university (1992-96, doctorate programme).upon his arrival in istanbul he was appointed as a violin professor in 1998 and founded the advanced music research center (miam) and became its first director in 2000 and appointed as an academic professor in 2006 at itu. (quotation)


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