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folk dancers of India

Art Pepper, American alto saxophonist of the Cool, West Coast Jazz school: September 1, 1925 – 1982…

Photo: Ray Avery
Summertime - Art Pepper Quartet


Austrian composer and organist, Anton Bruckner - Sep. 4, 1824 - 1896…
Image - Postcard, 1910
Bruckner Symphony no. 8 4th Mov. 3/3 Karajan VPO 1979


Darius Milhaud, French (later American) Les Six composer: Sep. 4, 1892 - 1974…
Milhaud was friends with Jean Cocteau (who designed many of his ballets (as did André Derain, Blaise Cendrars and Jean Genet), and wrote librettos for his operas (as did Paul Claudel and Boris Vian)), and many other Surrealist and avant-garde artists…
Darius Milhaud in his sequence of ‘Passionate Pastime’ - chess film by Hans Richter, cinematography by Arnold Eagle, 1957

Darius Milhaud: L'homme et son désir, Op.48 (1921) 1/2


John Cage (Sep. 5, 1912 - 1992), seminal 20th C. composer and ‘shroomer: “I am for the birds, not for the cages people put them in.”

John Cage: "Dream"


Roger Waters - Run Like Hell - The Wall Live in Berlin 1990

Roger Waters, backbone of English psychedelic rock band, Pink Floyd, is 68 today…


Jimmy Reed, the most laid-back bluesman to ever take a tune for a stroll: Sep. 6, 1925 - 1976…

jimmy reed - you've got me dizzy


The great Sonny Rollins - 81 today!

Sonny Rollins I Will Always Love You


Warren Zevon, songwriter who never took no shit and never gave none back - died from cancer on this day in 2003, aged 56…

Warren Zevon - Werewolves Of London


Antonin Dvořák, one of my favourite composers of all time: Sep. 8, 1841 - 1904…

His great symphonies and concertos are profoundly moving and melodic, and often incorporate folk tunes.

Jaroslav Kyzlink conducts Dvorak's Rusalka


Raymond Scott (Sep. 10, 1908 - 1994) was an electronic music pioneer and the inventor of several musical instruments, including the Electronium, (ca. 1971) a so-called ‘self-composing synthesizer’…

Another Raymond Scott invention: The Clavivox

RAYMOND SCOTT - Cindy Electronium (1959)


Henry Purcell, the gem of English Baroque: Sep. 10, 1659 - 1695…
Purcell divided his work into creating music for the theatre and an extensive series of compositions of sacred music. His chamber opera Dido and Aeneas is the best-known of his dramatic works, featuring some of the purest and melodic Baroque music ever written, fx. in Dido’s Lament: “When I am laid in Earth”…
Ill.: John Closterman, probably 1695 - black chalk (NPG, London)

Henry Purcell~What a Sad Fate is Mine

Peruvian vocal phenomenon, the five octave range singer Yma Sumac was born Sep. 10, 1922 (or Sep. 13, 1927 - or some other year - nobody knows for sure). In America Sumac was cast - or cast herself - as an exotic presence, embodying the Inca legend of the Xtabay…

yma sumac - chuncho

Arvo Pärt, spiritual Estonian classical composer, is 76 today! Pärt is perhaps the greatest contemporary composer, esp. his large-scale polyphonic works for chorus and symphony orchestra, often based on religious texts…
“I could compare my music to white light which contains all colours. Only a prism can divide the colours and make them appear; this prism could be the spirit of the listener.”

Summa for Strings (Pärt)


Marking the death of François Couperin (1668 - Sep. 11, 1733), French Baroque master composer, esp. known for his works for harpsichord…
François Couperin: Les Lis naissans (for harpsichord)


Every year I promote the virtuosity and musicianship of Leo Kottke (b. Sep. 11, 1945) who plays the meanest 12-string slide guitar known to man…
Leo Kottke - Cripple Creek


Singer-songwriter and guitarist John Martyn was one of the grand folkies of Britain (though born in England, he was mostly drawn towards Glasgow…) Tonight we celebrate his birthday, Sep. 11, 1948 (John died in January 2009…)
Photo: Tony Woolgar
John Martyn - Bless the Weather


Grateful Dead drummer and Rhythm Devil, Mickey Hart is 68 today, Sep. 11…
Photo: Herb Greene, 1968
Grateful Dead - St Stephen

September 12 marked the 8th anniversary of Johnny Cash’s death

Johnny Cash - I'll Fly Away


American author Sherwood Anderson, often regarded as one of the lesser prose modernists: Sep. 13, 1876 - 1941…

“You must try to forget all you have learned,” said the old man. “You must begin to dream. From this time on you must shut your ears to the roaring of the voices.” — Sherwood Anderson (Winesburg, Ohio)

via rmn
Arnold Schoenberg
, 1911 -nd
New Year’s wishes (12 Dec. 1911) of Schoenberg to Kandinsky

Special demand: Can someone decipher the dedication for me?….

Kubelik: Schoenberg Five Pieces for Orchestra (1/2)


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