Wednesday, January 1, 1997

Adelaide Crapsey


آدی لیدی کِرپسی

فارسی : یاشار احد صارمی

سه گانه

اینها سه چیز ساکتی اند
برفی که می بارد
ساعتی پیش از طلوع
دهان کسی که تازه مُرده

by Adelaide Crapsey

Farsi: Yashar Ahad Saremi

These be
Three silent things:
The falling snow … the hour
Before the dawn … the mouth of one
Just dead.


Duke Ellington - Bluebird of Delhi

I admire successful efforts to fuse straightforward symbolism with rigorous aesthetic development in music. Symbolism is challenging: sometimes performing a bluebird’s song before dissolving into the cacophony of Delhi works. Sometimes, trying to make train sounds with your snare drum sounds like you don’t know how to speak a foreign language and are trying to draw what you mean.

More on Ellington, whose Far East Suite is among the best albums ever made, can be found here.


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