Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Joan Retallack



Errata 5uite, Washington, D.C.: Edge Books, 1994.

read read for real if men spit (res) upon ras -er- first go halfway
to set in motion inset for suffixed breast motion of abberation solo eyes
do not hear (her his) (his her) dislodged utensils insist on liken to elbow
to Old Norse angr 's grief erratic 5th aug / dim / wheel / column : for
cling read kling read klang erratum in farbenmelodie

read need for read arising from the phenomenon of color p lies in a plane
of 3 points svdig to svidg to sdvig having only letters syllables and silence
in this written form *ar-, *or-, *art (a) exist for exits [should have been
noted] man [sic] kind [sic] and you shall (be) followed by 5 blank pages
(b) to be spat out later

read for for four last line misting eart aron (of) spoken rhythms untitled
add a pronoun what it is/has agitated to a strange and not (for) tensor
analytic reads as reads as follows crossing the ford for Emerson saw the
sky glad to the brink of fear ybore dislodg-èd ensõ semiamazia o tics of
zero sum ergo blather to rush to race to wander

read for for fore tu (large bird) errorious to be in motion o tu cara
scienzia mia musica varied as were mixup agitatur not known the man
could not swim and Now apostrophe s restored to pronounce the ritual
formula punch in code for teeth (love 's savage splendor) read land and
math for lang and myth 's urgent isosceles smile


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