Thursday, April 1, 2010

A Memorable Photos


This picture was taken in May 1992, at Partow Nooriala's home in a party for Gholshiri's trip to America.
Left to right standing
Ali Kiafar, Khalil Dilmaghani, Kambiz Ghaemmagham, (I don't know that gentelman) Majid Roshangar
L to R sitting on the chair:
Shahrzad Sepanlou, Hooshang Golshiri, Partow Nooriala, Bijan Karghar Moghadam, Mansoureh Hashemi, Mansour Khaksar, Abass Safari
L to R sitting on the floor
Toraj Daryaayee, Khosrow Davami,
In this photo we have lost 4 dear ones.
Harcheh khaak e Aan haast, baghaaye omre baghi baashad.

_ Partow


Olivier Messiaen / Feuillets inédits (unpublished pages) for Ondes Martenot & piano

all parts performed by Takashi Harada

Here’s an interesting piece by 20th century composer Olivier Messiaen performed on piano and Ondes Martenot.


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