Sunday, August 1, 2010

Firoozeh Mizani


فیروزه میزانی

سوسن سیم
پاش بیفتد و ُ
اُفتدم مشکل ها

زبور و زمزمه
بسرایم اگر
بی هلهله بدانم اوست

ماهِ تمام
خمِ شانه هام
همین نقره ی مهیام.ه

Image above:glass bowl with colorful lyustrovym ornament. Middle East (possibly Damascus), IX century. Its decor reminds decor manuscripts, and Kufic inscription is dynamic. Crowned palmettes trees depicted in circles, or cartouches, refer to the Mesopotamian motif of the tree of life ", and besides, like jewelry, framing headers SUR in manuscripts of the time. New York, Metropolitan Museum of Art

Joseph Achron / ‘Hebrew Melody’ performed by Clara Rockmore (theremin) & Nadia Reisenberg (piano)


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