Saturday, January 1, 2011

Massumeh Ziai


Massumeh Ziai

معصومه ضیائی


و اگر صدا نبود
کلمه و زبان
ما چه می‌کردیم
در جهان تاریک اندوه؟
پایان ما ابتدای درد
بغض آغازین
یا نخستین دانه‌ی اشک!


کاش برف بودم
دانه دانه می‌باریدم
بر دلتنگی‌ و اندوه سال‌ها


اندوه من آتش است
پایان این فصل، خاکستری
که با دلتنگی‌ام
برباد می‌رود!ه

دسامبر 2010


theodora baka ~ sto pa kai sto xanaleo

theodora baka (born in larissa, greece) has been familiar with the traditional songs of her homeland since she was a child. with myrtate she has achieved a charming synthesis of the traditional sounds of various regions of greece and contemporary music influences. the singer is accompanied by an unusual formation (ud, lyre, and zarb) that underscores the songs’ remote, southern timbre. her versatile voice celebrates in song the old epics of her homeland, laments the lost freedom of a young bride, converses with a lover – the yearning sound of baka’s voice is captivating. (quotation)


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