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Dolls for sale in Hasankeyf


Amir perelman ~ barchuni l’shalom

Amir perelman has been playing string instruments since age 15. he grew up in israel and partly in the u.s and has been living for ten years in the netherlands and france. during his formatory years amir was exposed to different and varied musical influences such as jazz, rock, latin, indian, armeniam and mediterenean musical heritage that are reflected in his work, by fusing rythms and scales from east and west , he has created his own personal sound and style. (quotation)


Giora feidman ~ let’s sing

giora feidman is an argentinian-jewish clarinetist who specializes in klezmer music. giora feidman was born (march 26, 1936) in buenos aires, argentina, where his bessarabian jewish parents immigrated to escape persecution. feidman comes from a family of klezmer musicians. his father, grandfather and great-grandfather made music for weddings, bar mitzvahs, and holiday celebrations in the shtetls of eastern europe. feidman married ora bat-chaim, his personal manager, in 1975. he began his career in buenos aires as a member of the prestigious teatro colón symphony orchestra. two years later he immigrated to israel to become the youngest clarinetist ever to play with the israel philharmonic orchestra. he was a member of the orchestra for over 20 years. in the early 1970s he began his solo career. he has performed with the berlin symphony orchestra, the kronos quartet, the polish chamber philarmonic, the munich chamber philarmonic orchestra, and the munich radio orchestra. (quotation)

shezar ~ khitam

shezar (band) was born in the beginning of the year 2000. musicians from different cultures (syria, norway, france) gathered for a common project. shezar developed an original style based on oriental rhythms and modes, open for inspirations from jazz, with melodies composed by kjetil selvik and hassan abdelrahman. - we do not seek the fusion of different cultures by music nor even some kind of mixing. rather, we wish to create an authentic language for this combination of instruments, to combine unity with spaces of improvisation where each musician can express himself, to cultivate the finesse and the richness of oriental music trough a repertoire of personal compositions. (quotation)


psalteria ~ jovano jovanke

psalteria, female quartet from the czech republic, plays medieval music at the pflasterspektakel in linz, austria. group members: kateřina göttlichová, alžběta josefy, karla braunová and michala hrbkova. there are three albums: scalerica d’oro (2001), por la puerta (2003) and balábile (2006). (quotation)

Francis Lai - Thème de Catherine (via Vivre pour Vivre: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)


‘Boogie Street’ by Leonard Cohen [Ten New Songs, 2001]


Los Saicos “Demolición”


Peter Kater & Dominic Miller

‘Close to You (Feat. Kenny Loggins)’

[In a Dream, 2008]


Lazy Place - Caravan Palace / Caravan Palace (2009)


Pete Escovedo

Te Vas



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