Sunday, July 1, 2012

Mourid Barghouti


  Mourid Barghouti مريد البرغوثي
"The Pillow" 
 Mourid Barghouti
The pillow said:
at the end of the long day
only I know
the confident man’s confusion,
the nun’s desire,
the slight quiver in the tyrant’s eyelash,
the preacher’s obscenity,
the soul’s longing
for a warm body where flying sparks
become a glowing coal.
Only I know
the grandeur of unnoticed little things;
only I know the loser’s dignity,
the winner’s loneliness
and the stupid coldness one feels
when a wish has been granted.


 Mourid Barghouti or Mureed Barghouti or Murid Barguti or Murid Barghuti (Arabic: مريد البرغوثي‎, Murīd al-Barghūti) (born July 8, 1944, in Deir Ghassana near Ramallah on the West Bank) is a Palestinian poet and writer.

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