Thursday, November 1, 2012

Guy Davenport


One of the great essayists of our time, the erudite Guy Davenport, who during the last 40 years of his life spent most of his time in rural Kentucky: Nov. 23, 1927 - 2005… Davenport has also created some of the most relevant translations from classical Greek, esp. of Heraclitus and Sappho. In addition to his work with non-fiction and translation he wrote poetry, short stories and created visual art (often illustrating his own books). Above: A small excerpt from The Resurrection in Cookham Churchyard, Poetry, 1963 This poem details the manner of resurrection of a large number of notable personages, including the following: Christina Rosetti: English Pre-Raphaelite poet Ludwig Wittgenstein: Austrian philosopher playing language games Søren Kierkegaard: Danish existentialist philosopher Raphael Pumpelly: American geologist and explorer Hugh Miller: Scottish geologist and folklorist Johannes Brahms: German composer Octave Maus: Belgian art critic and writer Roger Casement: Irish nationalist and humanitarian, executed for treason by the Brits 


Sir Stanley Spencer: The Resurrection, Cookham, 1924-7 - Oil paint on canvas (The Tate) The painting that inspired Guy Davenport’s poem cited above: “The Resurrection in Cookham Churchyard”…


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