Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Fatemeh Haghverdian


Chansonnier de Jean de Montchenu, ca. 1475 - medieval musical manuscript

فاطمه حق وردیان


نگاه کن!ه
زبانه می کشد
این شعله
توی پیراهن ام جا نمی شود
دکمه های لباس ام را باز می کنم
که بر درختزارهای چشمان ات آتش بیفتد!
تو اما
با چشم های بسته
به پوست تن ام دست می کشی
و از انگشتان بلندت
کبریت های نیم سوخته بر جا می ماند. . .ه


stelios petrakis & bijan chemirani ~ gorgona

stelios petrakis was born in 1975 and raised in sitia, crete. in 1983 he started lyra lessons in the music school of sitia with yannis dandolos (1983), ross daly (1984) and helen drettakis (1985-1993) under the supervision of kostas mountakis. he completed his studies in lyra in 1993. in 1993 he moved to athens where he continued his studies in lyra under the guidance of ross daly and started studying relevant musical traditions (popular music of anatolia, cosmic music and religious music of constantinople, greek traditional music) and instruments (saz, constantinople and cretan lute, bulgari, constantinople lyra). in 1999 and 2000 he attended seminars of saz in the labyrinth musical workshop with the master musician talip ozkan. in the labyrinth musical workshop, which has been rehoused to houdetsi, herakleion, he attended, during the summer of 2003, a series of seminars from master musicians with broad knowledge on the instruments and the musical traditions of the east. (quotation)

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